The stats

Altogether my 11 current cookbooks contain 2,744 recipes, not counting variations.  If I try at least one new recipe every day without fail, it will take 7 ½ years to try them all. Of course, there will be days I won’t try a new recipe.  So probably it will take closer to a decade.  Should have started when I was 20.

I have sorted the recipes into 10 categories:

Good Breakfast Food (240 recipes)

Salads—including salad dressings (224 recipes)

Soups (239 recipes)

Meals with Bread or Pastry (275 recipes)

Meals from the Oven (361 recipes)  almost a year’s worth of main dishes right there

Meals in a Pot—stove top meals prepared in a Dutch oven, kettle or saucepan (288 recipes)

Meals in a Skillet—more stove top meals but the sort one makes in a frypan or wok (253 recipes)

The Staff of Life—recipes for all sorts of breads and crackers—also noodles and dumplings (232 recipes)

Desserts (291 recipes)

Extras—everything else (341 recipes).

Each of these is further sub-divided into five or six categories, because I can get obsessive about organization and classification. But the point is to try recipes and enjoy good food.