Black Bean Piquante Sauce

Source: Ecological Cooking
Date tried: January 13, 2018
Yield: 6 servings (about 1 1/2 quarts)
Time needed: 3 hours if beginning with dried beans

This makes a large quantity of sauce and I think 6 servings is an underestimate. The final simmering is best done in a slow cooker so, starting with dried beans and the necessary pre-soaking as well as the time to cook the beans, then 4 or more hours in the slow cooker, one needs to plan for a two-day project.

Out of that possibly only 20 minutes is active preparation.

The resulting sauce is quite pleasant though. I think I will find plenty of uses for it.

Black Bean Sauce on noodles and rice

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Basic Vegetable Stock

Source: Ecological Cooking
Date tried: March 26, 2014
Yield: 8-10 cups
Time needed: 3 hours

This is a lovely vegetarian stock, very simple to make.  After the initial sautéing, just allow to simmer, then strain.  The stock can be used as a base for sauces and soups or for cooking grains.  It is also good as a light first course with bread.

Basic Vegetable Stock

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Mixed Vegetable Curry

Source: Ecological Cooking
Date: December 7, 2017
Yield: 4 servings
Time needed: about 30 minutes

This is quite a mild curry and some may prefer to add (as I did) some hot curry powder, cayenne and/or chili powder. But once seasoned to your taste, it is a very good vegan curry. I quite enjoyed it.
Another change I made was to increase the oil to 2 Tbsp. so there would be enough to absorb the flour when making the sauce. If the sauce is still too thick, add more milk until the consistency is to your taste.
I would also recommend adding seasonings with the flour (and before adding the milk) for the best flavour.

Mixed Vegetable Curry

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Nut Milk (and Cream)

Source: : Ecological Cooking
Date tried: September 25, 2012
Yield: 4 cups
Time needed: 5 minutes

I don’t like milk. I should qualify that. I use milk for cooking. I pour it on my cereal. I like milkshakes and plenty of milk products (yogurt, cheese, buttermilk, sour cream). But I last had a glass of milk to drink when I was six. I just don’t like milk as a beverage.

Nor have I ever taken to soymilk. I don’t care for soy “dairy” products either. I do not like soybased “cheezes” nor soy-based alternatives to ice cream or yogurt. (Interestingly, I do like soy products that don’t pretend to be something else, such as tofu and tempeh.)

But this nut “milk” has converted me. I like it. Poured straight into the glass as a beverage on its own, I like it. So I expect I will also like it on my cereal and in a smoothie or any other way I may use it. I may even get brave enough to try the “cream” version in my coffee.

I used a combination of almonds and cashews and honey to sweeten.


Nut Milk

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Herb and Bean Bake

Source: Ecological Cooking
Date November 17, 2017
Yield:4 servings
Time needed: 90 minutes

I enjoyed the flavour of this dish, but I disliked intensely the texture of the seitan. It would be a good dish without it. Tofu for vegans or meat or poultry for carnivores would be good substitutes. As often in this book, the seasoning can be strengthened considerably.

Herb and Bean Bake

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Carrot, Oat and Tofu Burgers

Source: Ecological Cooking
Date tried:October 30, 2017
Yield: 4 servings
Time needed: 40 minutes

One of the best veggie burger recipes I have found. Good texture, holds together well, nice flavour. Even my grandson, who is in a stage of being very picky about food, ate one happily with no urging. I think it is overestimating to say this amount serves four. I got seven patties from this, so two each for adults who would gladly have eaten more.

I chose to serve these with pita bread and put lots of condiments on the table for people to pick and choose their favourites. There was also a bowl of baby carrots and a plate of sliced tomatoes, but, unfortunately, I did not have any lettuce or sprouts on hand. Those would have been a great addition.

Carrot, Oat & Tofu Burgers

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