Coming out of hiatus

No, I haven’t stopped my quest.

But having reached 100 recipe posts as well as all the cookbook posts, I decided to take a bit of a break.

Instead of posting more recipes I have been doing some background work, including beginning a page listing the recipes alphabetically.  This will be my permanent record of recipes tried.

You will note that not every recipe in the index is linked to a post.  This is because, since I am trying recipes in published cookbooks, rather than creating my own inventions, I need to keep copyright protocol in mind.

When I contacted various authors, they were very supportive, as long as the available recipes were only a small sample of recipes in the book.

So you get a quick link to only ten recipes from each book.  And, in a bit, I will also need to remove older recipes altogether. So if you have a favorite among the unlinked recipes, download it while you still can. Try searching by category or a menu topic such as main ingredient.

Too late?  Then you have two options:

1. Go buy/borrow the book. (preferred option)
2. Send me an email. Only one request per email, please.


Now to get on to posting more recipes.  100 up, and at this point 250 more already tried, typed up and ready to post.