Hi, everyone.  I’m gluadys.  At least that’s my online persona.

I haven’t always been an enthusiastic cook.  But as a young teacher, living on my own for the first time. I soon realized that many evenings I was having nothing more than toast and coffee while grading papers.  Not a good way to keep up one’s energy.  But how to work cooking into a schedule that seemed overwhelming—especially good cooking.  So a book (Easy Gourmet Cooking in 30 Minutes by Elsie Lee ) that promised dinner on the table in 30 minutes—and good food at that—was a godsend.  I even learned to like liver, one dish I had always rejected as a child.

The second thing that started me on this quest was a brush with cancer a few years ago.  For several months after having a colorectal tumour removed I had no appetite at all. I had to re-introduce myself to food like a baby, trying small portions of one thing at a time. Low energy levels meant I couldn’t produce complicated recipes either. Yogurt and fruit became a standard breakfast; simple one-vegetable soups prepared at home a typical lunch or supper. It was a real achievement to get something as substantial as an egg or a muffin down.

Then one day I realized I was enjoying my food again and I pulled out the cookbooks. My first thought was to start at the beginning of each one and try one or two recipes a week.  Soon I realized that was impractical.  For one thing,one book starts off with a hundred or more recipes for a sauce, dip, sandwich spread or salad dressing.  I could end up with four or five in the fridge and nothing to use them on. Another begins with more than two dozen recipes for bread.  I love baking my own bread, but I can’t live on bread alone.  No, I would have to roam through the recipes in another way.

By the time I had worked out what I was doing I had already tried a good many recipes.  Then I began wondering how many there were to try—altogether—from  all the books.  So I made myself a grand catalogue of all the recipes, noting which ones I had already tried and which were still to be sampled.

Will I ever get to try them all?  Short answer: probably not. Not unless I am still preparing my own meals on my hundredth birthday.  Meanwhile, however, I thought it might be interesting to jot down some of my adventures with food.

So I invite you to join me as I explore my cookbooks trying everything from simple scrambled eggs to an Indian Feast.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, I found your site via the WordPress.com help forum and what a pleasure it is. You have an interesting collection of cookbooks, and such choice recipes I’ve skimmed through during this late-night-not-sleeping time. Your writing may be an inspiration for me: sometimes I feel as if we spend far too much time preparing, eating, and cleaning up meals. Your straightforward approach is refreshing.
    I’d been blogging/writing about cooking through one single Japanese cookbook for the past several years, and I can’t say it has become dull because I’ve moved on to other things as well, but for many reasons I’ve hit a “writer’s block.” Not just the writing, but the cooking as well.
    Thanks for such a lovely site!

  2. I have had several of the cookbooks and when young people wanted to experiment with vegie
    diets they were given away. Please send me the original recipe for oatmeal sunflower cookies
    from Diet from a small planet Thank you, kathlee

    • I am sorry, kathleen. I can’t help with this recipe. I have the 20th anniversary edition, which replaced my earlier 10th anniversary edition, and I never did have the original book. In both follow-up editions some of the recipes of the previous edition were deleted to make room for some new ones. It appears this was one of the deletions as it does not appear in the edition that I have.

  3. Gluady, do you happen to have the potato pie recipe from Whole Foods for the Whole Family La Leche League Cookbook? Thank you.

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