Vegetables with Black Bean Sauce

Source: Ecological Cooking
Date tried:January 14, 2018
Yield: 4 servings
Time needed: 30 minutes

An unusual but surprisingly good combination—especially the sesame oil.

Broccoli with Black Bean Sauce

Vegetables with Black Bean Sauce
1 large head broccoli
2 Tbsp. toasted sesame oil
1/4 cup minced onion
1 clove garlic, minced
1 Tbsp tamari
2-3 Tbsp Black Bean Sauce
1 Tbsp. grated fresh ginger

Trim broccoli and peel tough outer part of stalk.
Slice into “trees” and steam until tender-crisp.

In a skillet, heat sesame oil.
Stir-fry onion, garlic, tamari, black bean sauce and ginger until onion is tender.
Add broccoli and stir-fry 1-2 minutes.

Variation: Slice one or two carrots into strips. Steam until tender-crisp and add to skillet with broccoli.

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