Tandoori Aloo

Source: Indian Recipes Under 30 Minutes
Made: November 16, 2013
Yield: 4-6 servings
Time to make: 30 minutes.

I am still discovering my own neighbourhood.  A few weeks ago I found a lovely Indian grocery store within walking distance.  And I found not only an ingredient which was new to me, chaat masala, but lots of other fascinating new things to try.

On my first try, I don’t think I mastered the instructions to let the potato shells crisp without letting them turn colour, nor do I have a proper grill, so under the broiler has to do.  Nevertheless, although I found the recipe a bit fussy to put together, it is certainly a treat to the taste buds.  And practice, no doubt, will make it seem easier.

Tandoori Aloo (stuffed potatoes)

Tandoori Aloo (stuffed potatoes).
8 large baking style potatoes
vegetable oil as needed for frying
salt to taste
1 tsp/2gm red chili powder
Pinch of garam masala
1 tsp./5 ml lemon juice
5-10 cashew nuts, broken
1 Tbsp./10 gm raisins
2 tsp/10gm ghee
20 gm grated cheese
1Tbsp./4gm green coriander, chopped
½ tsp./1gm chaat masala

Peel the potatoes.
Scoop out the centres,leaving thin walls at the sides
Fry the potato shells and the scooped out centres separately.  Do not let them change colour but let the sides become crisp.
Cool the scooped out portion and mash.
To the mashed potato, add salt, red chili powder, garam masala, lemon juice, nuts, raisins and ghee.
Stuff this mixture into the potato cases.
Arrange four pieces on one skewer and sprinkle grated cheese on top.
Grill till golden brown in colour.
Sprinkle with green coriander and chaat masala.
Serve hot.


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