Diastatic Malt

Source: Whole Foods for the Whole Family
Date tried: July 17, 2014
Yield: about half a cup
Time needed: a week

Well, I have been away from the blog for a while , but I haven’t been away from the kitchen.  Now that I have caught up on writing up the recipes, it is time to catch up on posting them.

You probably never heard of this one before.  I never had.  Don’t let the time dismay you. . Most of the time is spent watching sprouts grow. But what is it?

This is a homemade sweetener with a slightly malty taste which you can use to replace honey when baking bread. Or sprinkle some on your breakfast cereal and make your own malted milkshakes.  I haven’t tried it in coffee yet, but on most things it works very well. Great discovery for people who want or need to use less sugar.

Diastatic Malt

Diastatic Malt

Diastatic Malt
1 cup wheat berries
Tepid water to cover

Use a wide mouth quart canning jar, replacing the lid with a square of cheesecloth or some type of fine mesh screen.
Soak the wheat berries overnight in the water.
Drain and rinse well.

Place jar on its side in a dish, tilted so excess water can drain out and air can circulate.
Cover with a cloth and keep in a warm dry place.
Twice a day, take it out and rinse and drain again.
When sprouts are about the same length as the grain (3-5 days later), rinse, drain well and spread onto two large cookie sheets.

Set oven at no more than 150oF and let sprouts dry for about 8 hours.
Grind the dried sprouts in a blender, food mill or seed grinder.
Store in a dry, airtight container in the refrigerator. This will keep indefinitely.
Use about 1 Tbsp. malt to replace 1/2 cup honey or other sweetener.


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