Sesame Crisp Crackers

Source: Diet for a Small Planet
Date tried: July 15, 2013
Yield: 3-4 dozen
Time needed: 20 minutes

I do about as well with crackers as I do with pastry, which is not well at all.  However, the method for these is quite simple and quick.  Though I do hate recipes that say “bake until crisp and golden” without giving you any idea of how long that will take.  I guessed at ten minutes, and found 12 minutes did the trick.

I don’t have any cookie cutters, so these are not pretty:  just basic squares.  But they are tasty morsels.

Sesame Crisp Crackers

Sesame Crisp Crackers

Sesame Crisp Crackers
1½ cups whole wheat flour
¼ cup soy flour
¼ cup ground sesame seeds
Salt to taste
1/3 cup oil
About ½ cup water

Preheat oven to 350oF.
Mix together flours, sesame seeds and salt.
Add oil and blend in well.
Add enough water to make a soft dough.
Gather the dough into a ball and roll out very thin.
Cut into cracker shapes or sticks and place on an unoiled baking sheet.
Bake until crackers are crisp and golden.


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