Spinach and Feta Phyllo Triangles

Source: The Parkdale Potluck Cookbook
Date tried: December 8, 2012
Yield: About 4 dozen
Time needed: approximately 45 minutes unless you have a helper.

This is a great little snack. I like the fact that the light phyllo pastry does not overwhelm the spinach-feta filling, but lets it shine through. They are wonderful morsels of good taste. For me, the only drawback is that I find the assembly process too finicky and time-consuming if I am working alone. But as long as someone else is making them, these get a thumbs up from me.

Spinach and Feta Phyllo Triangles

Spinach and Feta Phyllo Triangles

Spinach and Feta Phyllo Triangles
1 pkg phyllo pastry
2 cups fresh spinach, well washed and drained
8 oz. feta cheese, drained
1 clove garlic, crushed
2 eggs lightly beaten
¼ cup fine dry bread crumbs
1 cup melted butter
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
¼ tsp. grated nutmeg

Pre-heat oven to 400oF.
Finely chop spinach and cook, draining well.
Transfer to a bowl and add crumbled cheese, eggs, garlic, breadcrumbs, salt, pepper and nutmeg.

Upwrap the phyllo sheets.
Lay them out flat and cover with a damp towel.
Take out each phyllo sheet, one at a time.
Lay it out flat on a cutting board.

Cut a strip two inches wide and the length of the longest side.
Brush the strip with melted butter.
Place a teaspoon of the spinach-feta filling at one end of the strip.
Bring up the bottom corner to make a triangle along the upper edge.
Continue folding like this the length of the strip.
Make as many strips as necessary to use all the filling, folding them into triangular pouches.

Set triangles on a baking sheet. Brush tops with butter.
Bake 15-20 minutes until nicely browned.

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