500+ recipes and ….. big news!

This afternoon’s post will actually be the 512th recipe since I began this blog nearly two years ago.  So let’s see where we are.

Good Breakfast Food:  114 of 241 recipes tried and 127 still to go. All recipes of cooked cereals, eggs and smoothies posted.

Salads—including salad dressings:  99 of 229 recipes tried, but also another 200 added since I received a gift of salad recipes.  Just as well.  Salad eating is generally healthy eating.

Soups: My goodness only 76 of 239 recipes tried so far.  I try to have as many soups as I do salads.

Meals with Bread or Pastry:  Looks like this is where I have been putting more effort—105 out of 274 recipes.  All 20 of the sandwich recipes have been tried along with about 20 each of sandwich spreads, burgers, pies and wraps.

Meals from the Oven: 97 of 358 main-dish oven meals.

Meals in a Pot—stove top meals prepared in a Dutch oven, kettle or saucepan: the soup pot has been busier than the oven 108 of 289 recipes

Meals in a Skillet—more stove top meals but the sort one makes in a frypan or wok:  but only 73 tried of these 246 recipes

The Staff of Life—recipes for all sorts of breads and crackers—also noodles and dumplings:  51 of 232 recipes

Desserts:  a mere 26 of 291 recipes   I can see that if I ever get to the end of this quest almost all the last recipes will be desserts and I will probably be posting only once a week.

Extras—everything else:  well I have tried 90 of these, but it is a huge category of 337 recipes. I have tried over half the beverages, but not many of other sub-categories.

But the major milestone in my life recently has not been recipe 500 posted, but an addition to the family:  my first grandchild.

Me as grandma1So if posting gets a little ragged you can guess why. Of course when he is a little older, I’ll have more incentive to make cookies.

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