Indian Recipes under 30 Minutes

Did you wonder when I would ever get to this book?  It is the last in my collection.  It originally belonged to my daughter, who was not using it.  So she let me take it.

It was the title that got to me.  When I first began cooking seriously, I started with a cookbook called Easy Gourmet Cooking in 30 minutes.  I wish I still had that book.  I would certainly not have tried Indian cooking without the promise that it could be done quickly.


In this book, the editor, Neeta Datta, has gathered 70 recipes from 10 master chefs of India.  “This collection of quick and easy recipes” she promises “will enable even the laziest cook to prepare a lip-smacking Indian dish in less than 30 minutes and even turn a reluctant and timid cook into an amateur chef.”

10 thoughts on “Indian Recipes under 30 Minutes

  1. Can You write something more about it? Is it any good? Does it have nice pictures (as a beginner I always wanna know ^^”)?

    • Yes, Ania. It has very attractive colour photos of every recipe. And the recipes are very good, meaning both that they taste very good, and the instructions are clear and easy to follow. Also, at the beginning there is a page about some ingredients commonly used in Indian cooking.

      The only real difficulty I have had is finding some of the more exotic ingredients. I am fortunate to live in a city where there is a large and growing South Asian community, so a little sleuthing usually turns up a source for them.

      Some items, like green cardamom seeds or tamarind paste, may not be available in smaller communities and would require a special trip to a city with a strong South Asian community. Sometimes these ingredients can also be found in West Indian shops.

      • Thanks so much for the response :)! I accidentally found the book (cut-priced) in a shop where it was wrapped so that it cannot be opened before buying and just wasn’t sure if it’s worth it. The ingredients might not be a problem because I’ve got a lot of travelling friends. I’ll definitely buy it, thanks again ;).

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