A Year Later

So, I got into a routine of posting about every three days.  But here it is, March 23, 2013 and I haven’t posted since February 27.

I began this blog February 29, 2012.  So we have come round a full year.  And where am I at?

Well, I have found it takes much less time to try a recipe than to type it up, and less time to type it up than to turn it into a post.

One delay, early in the quest, was the passing of my son last March.  I needed to get some more posts ready for the blog I am doing in his memory and that has kept me away from this one.

Then there was my daughter’s wedding a month ago.  If I hadn’t already scheduled those last posts, there would have been none in February at all.

And, of course, life just keeps on happening.  So, a year later, I have tried plenty of recipes, I have typed up 335 of them, but have only posted about 80.  In fact, more than a year after beginning the blog, I have only posted recipes tried in the first two months!!!

So, lots more to come.

Meanwhile, I have entered the world of smart phones.  Hasn’t made much difference in most communications, except that I am learning to text.  But now I have a camera for the first time in over 20 years.  So I can now take my own pictures of my culinary creations.  I will also be editing previous posts as I retry those recipes to insert my own images.

Today was Seedy Saturday here in our neighbourhood of Toronto.  So between gardening and cooking, I will be immersed in good food and ready to share my adventures.

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