May all be fed: Diet for a New World

John Robbins first drew attention with the publication of Diet for A New America published in 1987. Somehow I missed that event. It was not until I picked up a second-hand copy of May All Be Fed: Diet for a New World that I learned of his immense contribution to a new way of eating.

I see this book as an interesting complement to Ecological Cooking. The latter is primarily a recipe book with some information on the philosophy and practice of veganism. May All Be Fed is primarily a book about the philosophy and practice of veganism with the recipes not beginning until chapter 10. In this respect, it is rather like Diet for a Small Planet, in that the bulk of the book is educational.

Don’t let the word “educational” turn you off though. Robbins is a very engaging,articulate and passionate writer. I can’t improve on this online review.

And, of course, there are Jia Patton’s delightful recipes which are truly delicious.

The response to Robbins first book was so overwhelming that it led to the foundation of EarthSave  in1988. A Canadian counterpart was begun in 1989.

A new development earlier this year was the beginning of The Food Revolution Network under the leadership of Ocean Robbins. Check it out for information and inspiration.

10 thoughts on “May all be fed: Diet for a New World

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