Whole Foods for the Whole Family

I’m ecstatic!  My brand new copy of Whole Foods for the Whole Family has arrived.  When the cover picture was taken, I was still using the book originally published by La Leche League in 1981. That is the one on the far right in the cover picture with an elastic band around it.

La Leche League Canada  was an important part of my life when my children were nursing. My mother recalled that I had never had a bottle—she weaned me straight from the breast to a cup when I was about nine months old. My siblings, however, were bottled fed from about two months on.  It was my ideal to keep nursing my children for several months, but I knew no one who breastfed past a few weeks until I found La Leche League.

Still I was astonished to find women who not only nursed for several months, but even past two years!  I wasn’t intending anything so extreme as that!.

Little did I know.  Frankly, now, I don’t know how I would have got through my children’s second year without nursing them.

Still, that was nearly three decades ago, and I had not kept up with La Leche League since.  And that is why I was still using a book held together with an elastic band.  So I was delighted to find that it had been re-issued  and the 1993 version was still available.

I immediately placed my order, and now I have THIS!

A practical plus with this book is the ring binding which allows for easy reference as the opened book lays flat on the counter or table.

But most important is “The Whole Foods Ideal” as outlined by author Roberta Bishop Johnson.

• All ingredients in the recipes are presumed to be whole-grain and natural, with minimal processing and without artificial preservatives.
• All flours, grains and pastas are whole grain.
• All oils and nut butters are without added sugar, hydrogenated fats or preservatives such as BHA and/or BHT.
• Our recipes use butter, rather than margarine, because butter is essentially natural and can be made at home. Oil may be whipped into it to add unsaturated fat.
• Carob chips, shredded coconut and canned fruit are assumed to be unsweetened when specified in our recipes.
• Cheeses are natural cheeses rather than processed cheese food.
• Dry milk powder in recipes is non-instant

10 thoughts on “Whole Foods for the Whole Family

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