Ecological Cooking

According to some dates scribbled in the margins, I picked up Ecological Cooking  in 2000, well after its first publication in 1991.

Both my children were experimenting with vegan diets at the time, so this was very helpful in meal preparation.

Unlike some other cookbooks, which depended on multiple contributors, the recipes in this one have all been created by the author, Joanne Stepaniuk. That’s quite an achievement; there are over 500 meatless, dairy-less recipes here.

Ms. Stepaniuk also offers a brief explanation of the philosophy of a completely vegan diet and lots of advice on what foods to keep in your pantry. For more information check out Ms. Stepaniuk’s website Grassroots Veganism.

This book has been well-used. Many pages bear stains from spills during preparation of a dish or a sauce. And despite the tape on the spine of the book, the inside pages are quite loose. Maybe it’s time I got an actual replacement for this one too.

10 thoughts on “Ecological Cooking

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