Diet for a Small Planet

Diet for a Small Planet is my other classic cookbook. It was first published in 1971 and I must have purchased it not much later, even before I was married. I got the paperback edition, which didn’t stand up to wear and tear too well. So, I replaced it with the 20th anniversary edition in 1991. Twenty years later this one is also held together with tape and a prayer.

Author Frances Moore Lappé has probably changed the eating habits of more North Americans than anyone else of this generation. This is the book that explained why we need to adopt a low-meat or no-meat diet and how to get plenty of protein without meat. The first edition spent a lot of time on explaining how to balance different plant-based proteins through combinations of grains and beans. In the anniversary edition, she explains she has learned that a balance at every meal is not a necessity.

Of course, to really help make the agricultural system more sustainable, it is not enough just to switch from meat to tofu. It is important to get grains, flours, dairy products, fruits and vegetables that have been produced organically and, preferably, locally.

This cookbook is a good choice for those who want to become accustomed to eating less, or no, meat, yet still like their milk, eggs and cheese.

10 thoughts on “Diet for a Small Planet

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